Many copies, only one original

A lucky mistake

Bored by the lack of diversity among Sweden's most popular teas in the early 80s, Vernon Mauris decided to experiment with his own blends. After a long and arduous working day, he sat in the office on a Sunday evening and tried to find the right mix. But he didn't seem to have much luck when he accidentally dropped around a kilo of tea leaves on the floor. Upset and ready for the day, he went home and left the pile as it was.

The next morning one of his co-workers asked what to do with the leaves on the floor and Vernon said they could be thrown away. However, the employee considered it a waste to throw away such fine tea that had traveled from the other side of the world and kept what did not come into direct contact with the floor to brew and drink with colleagues.

The drink turned out to taste delicious! A cup was also brewed for Vernon who immediately liked the taste and wondered what kind of mixture it was. When he heard that it was his lost ingredients from the night before, he was stunned and immediately began recreating the mix of tea leaves that was later packaged and sold under the name "The Mistake Mix".

The highlight of the folk festival

A couple of months later, the local festival Hornsgatans Dag was to be organised. A journalist went around asking the street's many galleries and shops what they would be showing or offering during the festival day. Vernon, surprised and unprepared, spontaneously replied that "we will sell a special blend". What is it called, the journalist asked? "Hmm... Söderblandning!"

Immediately the Mistagsblandningen was renamed with a tribute to Södermalm and also became a celebrity in the local newspaper. Once the festival began, the mysterious blend quickly became so popular that it sold out before the day was over.

A trailblazer

Today, Söderblandning is Sweden's most popular tea blend and is also exported abroad in large quantities. It is the first of many acclaimed and unique blends that The Tea Center of Stockholm has produced and was the starting point for a high demand for special blends from many fine Swedish institutions such as Svenskt Tenn, Kungahuset and the Nobel Foundation.

In addition to the Golden Blends, which have become customer favorites and a cornerstone of the product range, is the creation of new and exciting blends for individual corporate customers, one of the company's most sought-after services.