Keemun Mao Feng EKO (1) Variation / (1) Hs-code / (1) Origin-country
Keemun Mao Feng EKO (1) Variation / (1) Hs-code / (1) Origin-country

Keemun Mao Feng Organic


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The leaves are carefully handled during their manufacture to preserve the shape and size of a classic Mao Feng, which is usually green.

Keemun Mao Feng, a wonderfully sophisticated tea, hails from Anhui province and is often considered the representative of the most superior black tea in China. The expression "Mao Feng" describes the spiral-rolled shape of the leaves. This tea is made from slightly longer twisted leaves with fine buds. "Mao Feng" literally translates to "furry mountain peak".

First created in the 19th century, the tea has since become popular for its complex aromas - it is even said to be a favorite of Queen Elizabeth. The characteristic slow aging and oxidation of Keemun Mao Feng creates wonderfully complex aromas and tones of stone fruit, light smokiness and tobacco. Simpler quality Keemun tea is often used as a base for black tea blends such as Earl Gray or English Breakfast. Keemun Mao Feng, on the other hand, consists of full unbroken buds and young, tender leaves making this a lighter tea of ​​superior quality and more aromatic than other black Keemun teas.

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Gram / 2dl
Temperatur °C
3-4 min
Region Anhui
Årstid April May
Kultivar Zhu Ye Zhong
Höjd 800 - 900 m