Tokoname Kyusu
Tokoname Kyusu

Tokoname Kyusu


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This tokonam clay pot is unglazed and rich in minerals. In our experience, it is perfect for many different types of teas.

This handmade Kyusu made with Shudei (red) clay in Tokoname holds 300ml. This is measured up to the lid, which means you can brew approx. 250-300 ml - perfect for Gong Fu and Japanese brews. The Tokoname clay is unglazed and rich in minerals. In our experience, Tokoname clay is less porous than other traditional Chinese clay pots and similar to other high-fired clay pots, meaning it absorbs flavors more slowly. This makes it suitable for many different types of teas. Of course, the Japanese green teas take center stage, but you can brew almost any other type of tea, but it does set a standard for what kind of purist you are. 

Do not use cleaning agents as always with earthenware! To clean, simply rinse off the tea leaves thoroughly and leave to dry uncovered.

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