Zhejiang Wu Lu “Misty Green” EKO (1) Hs-code / (1) Origin-country / (1) Variation
Zhejiang Wu Lu “Misty Green” EKO (1) Hs-code / (1) Origin-country / (1) Variation

Zhejiang Wu Lu “Misty Green” Organic


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Sharp, yet light, with a sweeter corn-like aftertaste.

Zhejiang Wu Lu “Misty Green” is a fresh and healthy green tea from Lu mountain, next to Zhejiang province. The name "Wu Lu" translates to "Misty Mountain", which is a descriptive term for the mountainous region that has a large amount of clouds and fog around and hence high humidity - perfect conditions for tea plantations. The cool and misty climate as well as the mineral-rich soil produce a flavorful tea that has a high level of theanine and is rich in tannins and vitamins.

Legend says that the Wu Lu tea bushes can only be discovered in the fog by those who want to pick the leaves for their own consumption. So we are lucky to have this tea in our range.

The small, tightly twisted buds of this Zhejiang Wu Lu 'Misty Green' have a mild fresh green and almost candy-like scent. The brew has a very light champagne color and a clean, slightly grassy and vegetable aroma. The simple processing of these leaves results in a flavor that is sharp, yet light, with a sweeter corn-like aftertaste. There is no harshness with a hint of dryness in this tea, but there are notes reminiscent of blackcurrant leaves, with a fresh and crisp presence. The resulting cup is refreshing and easy to enjoy as is.

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Gram / 2dl
Temperatur °C
2-3 min
Region Zhejiang
Årstid May-June 2020
Kultivar n/a
Höjd 800-900 m